Factory and Staff

Where Our Basins Are Crafted

Nestled in the beautiful hills of rural Guangdong Province in southern China, brothers Nick and Tony own and operate a small but prosperous factory specializing in the production of handmade stainless steel basins.  Choosing the right production partner is vital to ensuring our products come to life exactly as designed.  We selected Nick and Tony only after visiting dozens of other potential partners across the globe.  We continue to be impressed by their attention to detail, consistent quality, and willingness to do things differently to meet the challenges of manufacturing our unique designs.  Just as importantly, we are impressed with the respect with which they treat their employees and the care given to the environment in which they work.  We believe product quality is defined not by place of origin, but instead by thoughtful design produced accurately and ethically.

Morgan Tap and Basin Stainless Steel Sink Quality Inspection


Nick and Tony cultivate a culture of quality that shows in the pride that their employees take in their work.  Our sinks start as a single piece of sheet steel and are bent, welded, and polished by hand, undergoing a series of quality checks by factory staff after each step.  We also maintain our own full-time quality assurance team that is on-site during production and conducts an additional inspection of each basin before it is approved for shipping.


The health and safety of factory staff is a top priority for us and for Nick and Tony.  Daily maintenance checks and preventative services are performed on all equipment, and all employees are required to wear appropriate personal protective equipment that is supplied by the factory.  The factory floor is kept clean, organized, and well lit.  Appropriate ventilation systems are working and in place, and most importantly, employees are pleased with their work conditions.

Morgan Tap and Basin Stainless Steel Sink Polishing with Protective Mask and Gloves

Morgan Tap and Basin Stainless Steel Sink Factory Worker Adjusting Steel Bending Machine


We believe that the best products are made by skilled craftspeople who enjoy their work.  Nick and Tony have worked hard to create a positive environment for their employees.  Most employees live nearby and commute each day by bicycle, bus, or car.  Sometimes after work, the employees play basketball on the court adjacent to the factory.  The owners often join in and Nick, who played for his college team, is agreeably the best player on the court.


Production Engineer: Li

One of the most reliable features in the factory is Li's smile: you will never see him without it.  He works hard to ensure consistent and accurate production and has known Nick and Tony for more than four years.  In his free time he enjoys going fishing with Tony, playing basketball, and following the NBA.

Morgan Tap and Basin Stainless Steel Sink Factory Engineer

Morgan Tap and Basin Stainless Steel Sink Factory Quality Assurance Employee

Quality Control: Biyan

Biyan plays a crucial role in implementing quality control.  She meticulously examines every basin, marks any imperfections, and sends them back for rework.  Biyan is originally from Guangxi Province, but now lives near the factory with her husband and two sons, ages 7 and 5.