Morgan Tap and Basin 46.5in Workstation Basin with Two Tiers and Offset Corner Drain

Materials and Design



Morgan Tap and Basin sinks are made of grade 316 stainless steel, an alloy that is over 30 percent more corrosion-resistant than the standard 304 stainless steel material used by other brands.  Because of far greater resistance to salt and other chemicals, our 316 stainless steel basins are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, even in coastal environments.  By using a higher grade of steel, our products age better and last longer.  


Our entire basin is lined with non-toxic foam padding to deliver superior insulation.  This solution is unique to Morgan Tap and Basin, and provides an insulating barrier that is up to 20 times thicker than typical sprayed-on undercoatings.  Superior insulation means better protection from condensation on the bottom of the sink, which in turn helps eliminate damage caused by condensation dripping into the cabinet below the sink.  If you frequently entertain or place ice in your sink, protection from condensation is important.



To improve resistance to dents, we've built our basins to be 33 percent thicker than 16-gauge sinks.  The added thickness marries the strength of heavy duty, restaurant-quality basins with the style and function of high-end residential designs.  The increased thickness also improves sound deadening. 


The corners of a basin determine the usable space within the bowl and the effort needed to properly clean your sink.  To balance these functions, we designed our basins to have tight, rounded corners.  Our design increases the bowl volume to accommodate large pots and pans while keeping maintenance simple and easy.  


Our designs consider the space below your basin as much as it considers the space within it. We've placed our drains in the right rear corner of the basin to optimize usable bowl space and move the plumbing to the one side of your base cabinet.  This enables the a full-size set of pull-out trash cans to be installed under the left side of the sink, while still leaving room for a premium garbage disposal with space left over for additional storage.  This can free up valuable cabinet space elsewhere in the kitchen that might otherwise have been dedicated to waste storage.  A sloped sink bottom enables quick and efficient drainage.


To make multi-tasking easier to accomplish, we've outfitted our double-bowl basins with a low divider.  With this feature, you can lift produce and dishes from one bowl to another in a natural motion without hitting the barrier or dripping water onto your countertop.  This seemingly minor design detail improves the experience of having two bowls--helping you transition effortlessly from one task to another.

Morgan Tap and Basin Workstation Sink with 2- Tiers

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